Thursday, February 28, 2013


Heres a character concept I came up with his name is Stampede!! Let me know what you guys think!!


  1. Nice! I've always wanted to see an elephant be the center of a character design like Rhino from Spider-Man. I really love all your work by the way. Its so clean and neat. If you'd be interested I've been looking for some help on some of my own comics art!

  2. Solid design, except for the ears. I think they could be integrated a little better into the head. Maybe a large head piece, in general? As is, they look a little tacked on to the side of his head.

    That's my only complaint; otherwise I think you've got a really solid villain here! I love your style. Reminds me a lot of Cheeks Galloway's stuff.

  3. it reminds me of snout spout of the MOTU