Thursday, June 6, 2013


Here are som more Amalgams that I did for fun!!

Thunder God
 Thunder God is a combo of DC Comics Shazam and Marvel's Thor

*Thor is property of Marvel Comics

**Shazam/Captain Marvel is Property of DC Comics

Captain Krypton
 Now I know there was already an amalgam version of Superman and Captain America known as Super Soldier but being that Captain America and Superman are my second favorite superheroes I could not resist doing my take on both of these guys so here is Captain Super which is you guessed it, is a combo of Superman and Captain America!! Just like my Spider-Bat Character I have done a few other characters!! so once again 

*Captain America is property of Marvel Comics

**Superman is property of DC Comics

Ms. Wonder
Here is another mash up this time it's of Ms. Marvel and Wonder Woman!! Let me know what you guys think!! This is probably the last of the mash ups I'll do for a while although I have a ton more sketched out I have over stuff that I need to work on!!

*Ms. Marvel is property of Marvel Comics

**Wonder Woman is Property of DC Comics


  1. Wonderful. And this is no opinion... I've readed enough crappy comics art-wise and dumb elseworlds and what ifs to say that you should get paid for this.

    I'm handing your blog right now to a branding / design studio I know indeed...

  2. I really like all these mash ups... Inspiration